Bob's approach to his projects is not typical. He is capable of understanding complex business models, highly specialized technologies, and complicated constructions, reducing them to their essential qualities and presenting them in an easy to understand image. To put it simply, he is a translator, helping to present your product or service in the most dynamic way to the widest possible audience. 
If you've been searching for the image that perfectly communicates your idea, and you find lots that are close ... but not quite, Bob can either make it work or combine images to match that picture in your mind. The images can be your photos, stock photos or images he creates from scratch. If it's in your head, he can do it. If it's not in your head, Bob is the the perfect resource to help you figure it out. 

Bob began drawing at an early age. His mother was a stylist and makeup artist. Through her contacts Bob had his first illustration published at age 14. As a teenager he worked in his uncle's type foundry which was located near New York's Greenwich Village allowing him time to visit New York's galleries and museums. He joined the Air Force after High School. After military service he attended the University of Arizona studied at Otis School of Art and Design, and graduated from Texas Lutheran University. He taught at Otis for a few years, helped found The Art Center Design College in Tucson, AZ and mentored half a dozen high school art students all of which have promising careers. Most of his career has been centered upon Illustration and applying his wide experience as an Independent Art Director.
Other factoids;
USAF Veteran
Avid Fisherman
Nature Lover
Loves Teaching

ILLUSTRATION: Advertising, Automotive, Caricatures, Cartoons, Character Design, Food/Beverage, Maps, Photorealistic, Product, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Technical
ART DIRECTION: Special Projects, Consultation, Relief of vacationing AD or AD on leave, Managing branding start-up companies or complete re-branding  

Adobe CSS: Specializing in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, 
Microsoft Office

Princess Cruises, Delta Building Products, Federated Stores, Inc.(Macy’s), NewTech Infosystems, Inc., Mitsushiba International, Inc., Tarbell Realtors, DWD2/Mercedes,

Bronze Addy, Writers Market Book Award

Bob is available for project contracts as Free Lance Illustrator or Designer,
or in the capacity of Independent Art Director for 
project contracts usually 6 months or longer. 
(Please see Contact Page)
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